Dakota Fanning looks stunning in this photo shoot for Hunger magazine’s new issue.

Here’s what the 23-year-old actress had to share with the mag:
On her experience as a woman in Hollywood: “Really, I’m only now just starting to experience truly being an adult and a woman. I was a kid for so long, I’ve personally not felt any inequality on a production I’ve been working on, but for example with The Bell Jar – which we’re trying to get made right now – a lot of people think the story is only for women and I find that really offensive. It’s such an amazing story that means so much to so many people and means so many different things to different people. I do read plenty of scripts where the character hasn’t been written to do anything more than have sex with the male character or for men to fight over or be topless. None of which I’ve ended up doing.”
On how she was raised: “It’s so great that the conversation is being had, but I also think we should consider how long we’ve been having it. We’ve been talking about this for hundreds of years, and there’s been inequality for so long… I’m lucky; I was raised to think I could do the things I wanted to do. And I come from a very female dominated household, with very strong women to look up to. We’re mostly women in our house, so we’ve always run our world.”

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