It's been less than two months since we first learned that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are dating, but it seems the young couple is already moving very quickly.

To clarify: we have no idea if they're actually getting serious or planning a future together.
We mean that they're making frequent, rapid movements in a variety of different positions.
Yes, Kylie and Travis are doin' it.
And while they've been private about their relationship by the standards of the Kardashian-Jenner clan (no sex tapes, no selfies that look like screenshots from sex tapes, no Kris Jenner planting rumors about sex tapes), Kylie's apparently been boasting to her friends about her headboard-shattering shenanigans.
Fortunately for the nosiest among us, those friends can't resist spilling the tea to the tabloid press:
“They are having the best sex ever at all times of the day,” one source close to Kylie tells Hollywood Life.
It's possible that this anonymous friend just has a profound hatred for D-list rappers named after jungle cats and is out to ruin Tyga's life, but we're inclined to believe her.
The insider claims that it's not all just about the sexy time, adding that Kylie and Travis also enjoy - what's that thing that's like texting, but without emojis? - oh, right, talking:
“They are enjoying spending a lot of time together and they are actually learning a lot from each other too,” says the source.
While the rumors about Kylie and Travis living together were apparently a bit premature, the tipster claims Kylizzle is happier than she ever was with Tyga and is already hoping for a future with Travis:
“Kylie thinks her and Travis could be together for a long time,” the insider claims.
Part of the appeal, it seems, is that Kylie doesn't feel she has to be suspicious of Travis, as she was with Tyga:
“Kylie has never been more happy or secure than she is with Travis,” the insider explained.
“She is never worried when Travis gets text messages that he could be sneaking a side piece behind her back the way she was often suspicious of Tyga.”
“She feels like this is her first real, healthy relationship as an adult," the source adds.
That's gotta sting if you're Tyga.
It seems Kylie is a graduate of the Kourtney Kardashian School of Driving Your Ex Insane With Jealousy.

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