Snoop Dogg has called former California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger "a racist piece of sh*t" after shortening the sentence of a killer… a man whose father was Arnold's political allies.

In a video the ace rapper shared on his Instagram on Tuesday, April 12, Snoop slams the 'Terminator' actor for being a "punk motherf****r". Esteban Nunez, a man convicted of murder was released from jail on Monday, April 11, 10 years early.
Snoop is taking umbrage with the fact that one of Arnold’s last acts as Govenator back in 2011 was to reduce the manslaughter sentence for Esteban Nuñez, the son of one of Schwarzenegger’s political allies Fabian Nuñez, former California Assembly speaker. Esteban Nuñez was convicted of stabbing college student Luis Santos in June 2010 and was set to serve 16 years in prison. Schwarzenegger reduced the sentence to seven years, but Nuñez is now being released on parole for good behavior. Santos’ family is upset at the political favoritism that has set Nuñez free early. Snoop does not take kindly to the fact that cronyism was seemingly at play here, either, but that his friend and former Crip leader Stanley “Tookie” Williams was given the death penalty.

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