With his chiselled good looks and sharp cheekbones he is hard to miss.

But Robert Pattinson did his best to go incognito on a flight into Los Angeles, on Tuesday.
The 27-year-old heartthrob sported a black beanie and dark sunglasses for the evening of travel as he lugged a large duffel bag over his slender shoulders.
Walking intently down an escalator, the Twilight star sported well-worn leather trainers featuring army green laces.
Adorning his pixie thin legs was a pair of skinny jeans with the cuffs rolled up as he carried his smartphone in his left hand.
Completing the actor's easy-going ensemble was a grey hoodie over a faded black T-shirt.
The actor had flown in from the set of his new movie Map To The Stars shooting in Toronto, Canada.
On set of the film, the British star looked cheerful and merry as he chatted with members of the production team, clearly doing well since his split from Kristen Stewart.
Robert appears to have bulked up too to play the role of Jerome in David Cronenberg's latest cinematic endeavour.
Rob portrays a limo driver and an aspiring actor who befriends troubled Agatha (played by Mia Wasikowska) in the modern film exploration into our celebrity-obsessed culture.
Agatha is the estranged daughter of Dr. Stafford Weiss - played by John Cusack - a psychotherapist, life coach and writer of a successful line of self-help books.
But despite his expertise, Stafford's daughter still ends up in a psychiatric facility for criminal pyromania, while her brother Benjie, a 13-year old aspiring child star, has been in rehab since he was nine.
Now in his second collaboration with the critically acclaimed director - after their collaboration on Cosmopolis - Rob joins a cast featuring Olivia Williams, Carrie Fisher and Julianna Moore, who plays Havana, an actress who is haunted by her formerly famous dead mother.
Written by Bruce Wagner, Maps To The Stars will hit cinema screens next year.

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