Jennifer Lawrence, the Preeminent Kim Kardashian Historian of Our Time, is even more relatable than previously thought.

In addition to watching large amounts of reality TV and talking about farting a lot, there's another way J.Law is just like you and me: She wants to run away and live on a farm with a bunch of goats. It's the dream!
In a new Elle interview, Jen talks about how she wants to take to the land and become a milkmaid. “I want to get a farm,” she said. “I want to be, like, milking goats.”
Yes, J.Law! Me too! If you open a commune for stinky women who love garbage, and I'll move in ASAP.
And speaking of Kim Kardashian — which I'm always doing and is yet another thing J.Law and I have in common — the reality TV empress was recently asked by an Extra host if Jennifer Lawrence could play her in a biopic of her life, and Kim responded, "Of course she could. She's the best actress."
OMG yes. Here's the plan: Jen moves to a farm, milks a bunch of goats, returns to Hollywood, plays the original GOAT reality TV star. Done and done!

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