James Cameron almost hit disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein with his Oscar during the 1998 ceremony after getting into argument over his treatment of Guillermo Del Toro.

The Terminator moviemaker won the Best Director prize for Titanic at the 1998 Academy Awards, where the film won 11 statuettes, including Best Picture, tying it with the record set by Ben-Hur.
In a new interview with Vanity Fair, Cameron revealed that during an advert break in the ceremony, he got into a dispute with Weinstein, who has recently been accused of sexual harassment, assault and rape by multiple women in the industry, and the only reason he stopped was because the show was about to go live again.
When asked about what he remembered from that night, Cameron replied, “I remember almost getting in a fight with Harvey Weinstein and hitting him with my Oscar.
“It was happening on the main floor at the (theatre)… And the music had started to play to get back in our seats. The people around us were saying, ‘Not here! Not here!’ Like it was O.K. to fight in the parking lot, you know, but it was not O.K. there when the music was playing, and they were about to go live.”
Cameron explained that argument began over Weinstein’s treatment of Pan’s Labyrinth director Guillermo del Toro, who recently opened up about his “horrible” experience working with Weinstein’s former company Miramax on 1997 sci-fi horror Mimic.
“It’s kind of a long story, but it has to do with Guillermo del Toro and how badly he was dealt with by Miramax on Mimic,” Cameron said. “Harvey came up glad-handing me, talking about how great they were for the artist, and I just read him chapter and verse about how great I thought he was for the artist based on my friend’s experience, and that led to an altercation.”
Del Toro said at the London Film Festival in October (17) he “hated” the Mimic experience as the Weinsteins, including Harvey’s brother Bob, fought him over many aspects of the film.
“Two horrible things happened in the late nineties, my father was kidnapped and I worked with the Weinsteins,” he said. “I know which one was worse… the kidnapping made more sense; I knew what they wanted.”

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