Since tying the knot in 2006, they're never short of loved-up displays on the red carpet.

And in Monday's Woman's Day magazine, it's been claimed that Keith Urban gave 'his adored wife Nicole Kidman the ultimate gift' - a $52 million (US$40 million) Manhattan mansion in New York.
The lavish purchase is said to have been made in order for the actress to pursue her dream of acting on Broadway.
A source reportedly told the publication: 'Nicole is keen to do Broadway shows and get into making TV programs and New York is a much better place for them to be than Nashville.'
The insider also went on to allege that New York is perfect for their children Sunday Rose, nine, and Faith Margaret, six, especially for schooling.
The sprawling property, covering six levels, was previously owned by the late Michael Jackson.
It features seven bedrooms, a spacious kitchen and a secluded outdoor patio.
An additional feature is a decadent grand oak staircase, while interiors take on a contemporary feel, with wooden floorboards, white-washed walls and subtle pops of colour.
The reported grand gesture follows Nicole's sweet tribute to her country music beau after being she was named Glamour Woman Of The Year for 2017, earlier this month.

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