Everyone's heard that Selena Gomez's mom, Mandy Teefey, reportedly did not react kindly to Selena Gomez going to couple's therapy with Justin Bieber. But the question is, why are Jelena going to couple's therapy in the first place?

Well, apparently they're getting relationship counseling because of a fight over... Hailey Baldwin?
According to TMZ, Justin has been on a quest to make amends with people he may have wronged in the past. A Hillsong Church source close to Justin claims that Hailey was on this list. Apparently, he reached out to her to clear the air over their "brief relationship and sour breakup."
But because Justin has turned an open and honest new leaf in life, he told Selena about his conversation with Hailey and TMZ claims she wasn't cool with him being in contact with his ex.
Considering Jelena's past struggles with infidelity, it's no surprise Selena is feeling a little apprehensive about Justin reaching out to an ex. Then again, dictating who your significant other can and can't talk to — especially if they're open and honest about it — isn't exactly a sign of a healthy relationship either. So it's great to see that Jelena are invested in making things work.
According to TMZ, Jelena has been going to therapy for about a week now and maybe it's just what they need!

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