Katrina Kaif is on cloud nine over the record-breaking run of her latest release Tiger Zinda Hai, calling it an "overwhelming and extremely satisfying" feeling.

Yesterday it was reported Lindsay owes the U.S. government £75,000 in taxes, which is no doubt adding to her end of year woes. Everything seems to be going well with the former Disney star. Fortunately, she's doing just fine (as evidenced by chilling poolside) and even found the "positive side" of a snake bite. Lohan is very fond of her life as it is and isn't planning to move back stateside anytime in the near future, but she still owes those taxes regardless. Actor Lindsay Lohan reportedly owes over United States dollars 100,000 in taxes. Given that Donald Trump is president and Lohan supported him, me thinks that these taxes will magically disappear in the coming weeks. Lohan has recently been trying to stay out of the limelight by moving overseas to Dubai to study the Koran.
Lohan has been living between Dubai and London in the past few years, but made a rare public appearance in NY just a few weeks ago. "I don't always have to be scrutinised every second". I can have a private life and have a public life, but when I choose to. Only I didn't think I was hot shit before middle school either. Hey, more power to you. "I have good friends and good family, and I'm happy with myself", she said. Because that looked like a real possibility for a couple of years there. If that gig goes well, she's hoping to return full-time to acting.

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