Kim Kardashian has been the subject of some truly absurd rumours down through the years, but the reality TV queen has today been accused of a horrifying plastic surgery procedure that has left even decadent Hollywood shocked.

According to an outrageous report in US tabloid Star today, Kim is allegedly the subject of rumours that she's had ribs surgically removed in order to achieve an hourglass figure.
'There's no end to Kim's quest for perfection, but even her family is telling her this is madness,' an insider allegedly told Star of family reaction to the ridiculous procedure.
'Kim clearly enjoys the results - the procedure has given her the whittled middle she has always wanted - and considers it well worth the time and money spent.'
Rib removal - sometimes whispered about in celeb circles but never yet proven to actually occur - is seen by mainstream medicine as a dangerous and unethical procedure, as in theory it could potentially result in deadly injuries to internal organs in the case of an accident.
'No reputable doctor would remove body parts that have a critical purpose,' says plastic surgeon Dr Matthew Shulman. 'Ribs are there to protect your organs.'
Kim has yet to comment on Star's outlandish allegations, but has in the past attributed her enviable figure to healthy eating and exercise.

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