Hugh Jackman visited The Ellen Show and displayed off his Wolverine body that the paparazzi had snapped of him on the beach. Ellen DeGeneres showed some of the pictures of Jackman, shirtless, grinning, and jogging. DeGeneres said that they got “every angle.”

Their lavish coverage was no coincidence. Jackman explained that he has an agreement with the Australian paparazzi. He said, “They all know me at this point, and I’ll say to them, ‘What do you need, guys?’”

In exchange for Jackman giving them what they want, they leave him alone the rest of the time. They wanted shots of Jackman running at the famous Bondi Beach, so he told them to meet him there the next morning. “The Greatest Showman” star described an “embarrassing” affair with 30 paparazzi snapping photos of him.

Jackman added, “Unfortunately for them, the day before Zac Efron was with me, we were training at the gym and he was there. Not one [photographer] was there.”

Watch the full clip here.

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