Victoria Beckham has been accused of being 'malnourished' and has admitted to an eating disorder in the past.

Tabloids have also taunted the 41-year-old, calling her 'skinny Spice'
Now, it is the models walking the runway for the singer-turned-fashion-designer who are being accused of being unhealthily underweight.
In 2010, the mum of four banned size zero models, who she deemed 'too skinny' for her show.
"Models are thin," she said. "But I do take my position seriously and I wouldn't want to use very skinny girls."
Showing off her spring 2016 collection at New York Fashion Week on Tuesday, she appears to have forgotten this sentiment and sparked outrage among her 15 million social media fans.
"Another show of skeletons," one said.
"Jesus, why don't you just get a motorised skeleton to walk down your catwalks and release these poor girls from this bloody torture of having to starve themselves for a job."

It wasn't just her fans that were upset that she was promoting "anorexia chic".
"It sets unrealistic ideals and I think it can promote 'anorexia chic'", Caroline Nokes, a British MP leading an all-party parliamentary group on body image, told The Telegraph, London.


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