A young mom who was losing her battle with cancer has been given the "all clear" from doctors after actress Kate Winslet stepped in to help.

When the US National Health Services in 2014 told a then-pregnant Gemma Nuttall that she had only 6 to 12 months to live because she refused cancer treatment to save her baby's life, the 29-year-old felt her life was falling apart.
After Nuttall gave birth to a healthy baby girl, doctors said there was nothing more they could do for her. The cancer had spread to her brain and lungs.
But the determined mom discovered a "wonder clinic" based in Germany that offered immunotherapy treatment - but the catch was the enormous cost.
Then Nuttall received a life-changing email.
Winslet had read about Nuttall's story and had her assistant send Nuttall an email saying she and Titanic co-star Leonardo CiCaprio wanted to help.
With Winslet and DiCaprio's support, Nuttall succeeded in raising £337,504 ($468,118 US) to pay for the treatment.
After a dozen treatments, Nuttall has been given the all-clear following two MRI scans.
Nuttall and Winslet have yet to meet in person but are planning to see each other soon.
"I have my daughter and she's only three, I want to see her grow up," Nuttall said.
"I just want to thank her for saving my life."


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