Not that Kristen Stewart seems to care, but the paparazzi catches everything, including when you flip the bird at renown fashion designer and elitist crank Karl Lagerfeld.

Stewart got cheeky at a recent Mario Testino photoshoot in Paris, where she threw out her F-you finger right behind famed designer's back! Looks like the actresses time as a heroine in the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman film has given her some extra chutzpah.
KStew wasn't done with her illicit digit however. After wrapping up dinner, the Twilight star, who looked less than enthused to be the center of photog attention, flipped the bird again, this time at the paparazzi. If you're wondering what boyfriend Robert Pattinson would think of his lady's unladylike behavior, we're willing to bet he's laughing pretty hysterically.

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