The Western media was not enough that Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore announced her separation from husband and father of her daughters Frankie and olive will Koppelmann.

Now journalists argue that a celebrity is going to become a single mother of three children, as is under the heart of the third child, which should soon announce officially.
We could question the statements of the Western tabloids, but if we reported ten days ago that the star of “Transformers” Megan Fox was expecting her third child, we would also not believe, and she managed to shock everyone with his some new big belly.

Insiders claim that the 41-year-old drew is now in her sixth month of pregnancy, but this did not prevent her to leave her husband. Edition as evidence provides the latest photos of Barrymore in which she is shown in shapeless dresses.
We will remind that about the end of his marriage drew and will announced on 1 April. Such is unfunny April fool’s joke. Sources report that the precursors of divorce were last year, when during the shooting for the cover of the publication, the photographer advised the actress to imagine that she tempts her husband.
“Given the fact that we have not had sex in over a year, it will be difficult” replied drew. Sources said that the will would never have dared at the third child with drew, if they felt that they soon will not be together because “he is a very responsible guy.”
Recall that the friends of Barrymore, commenting on the parting drew with her husband, accused in her unsuccessful marriages the parents of the actress that showed her at the time, what is a normal family.
“She just doesn’t know how to keep the family together” they said.
And we are still waiting for official confirmation of the news about the pregnancy of the actress, if at all.

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