Just because you played Thor doesn’t mean you’re immune to altitude sickness.


Chris Hemsworth told a scary story to Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday about how he nearly died while on a Himalayan vacation with wife Elsa Pataky.

As it goes, Pataky was invited by Spanish-speaking TV host Jesús Calleja to climb a peak in the Himalaya several months ago and brought her strapping husband along for the adventure.

The Huntsman: Winter’s War actor said everything was going great until their ascent started causing him problems. “Have you ever heard of altitude depression? I got that. Basically, we went to 2,000 meters and then 3,000, and then I slowly honestly started to kind of lose my mind … Just completely irrational, everything is overly sensitive to the most trivial sort of silly things.” He said he got cranky with Pataky, saying things like, “‘What are we doing here?! Why are we here?'”

Then, when the climbers hit 4,000 feet, it really hit Hemsworth hard. The Aussie actor explained to the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host that he was tossing and turning in his tent one night, yelling at his wife he was fine, but he clearly he wasn’t. “My breathing is getting worse, and I start to like [motions] like Darth Vader meets Daffy Duck.”

Pataky quickly alerted the guards, who realized Hemsworth was in grave danger. “They take one look at me and say, ‘Get him off the mountain.’ They start injecting me with all sorts of whatever’s going to adjust my oxygen … and fly me down the mountain for eight hours… Apparently, the [lack of] oxygen in my lungs, the next day would have been [the lack of] oxygen in my brain, and then good night. We wouldn’t be sitting here.” Eeek! Remind us to never go climb a mountain.

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