It's been two weeks since Martin Freeman shared that he'd quietly split from his longtime partner Amanda Abbington after 15 years together.

And in an interview published by the Radio Times - which took place before news of the split broke - the 45-year-old actor revealed that he and Sherlock co-star Amanda had separated 'in the early part' of 2016, but that things were amicable.
'We split up a while ago,' he told the publication. 'I mean, we’re very friendly and it’s all lovely and cool. Yes, we’ve not been together for a while. I mean, we did the series not together.'
During the interview, Martin, who shares two children with Amanda, was careful not to spill too many details about the shocking split, but he appeared to be taking things in his stride.
'I’m all right, yes,' he said. 'I mean, we’re honest to God doing it [separating] in about as civilised a manner as I’ve ever heard of, you know.
'I love Amanda’s work. I think she’s brilliant as an actor and she’s brilliant as a woman and, yes, I love her. I will always love Amanda, but, yes, we’re… you know, that’s what’s happened.'
Last month, he shocked fans when he revealed in an interview with the Financial Times: 'I’m not with Amanda any more. It’s very, very amicable — I’ll always love Amanda.'
When pushed further on whether he thought his huge success in recent years on films such as The Hobbit played a part in the break up, he replied: 'To a certain extent, yes. Not as much as it might have done, and not as much as maybe I would have hoped it had.'
Martin first met Amanda, 42, on the set of 2000 movie Men Only and they went on to have a son, Joe, 10, and a daughter, Grace, eight.
They went on to work together on separate occasions, including 2003's The Debt, Swinging with the Finkels, The Robinsons and The All Together.
His shocking admission came on the eve of the couple returning to screens as husband and wife in the BBC hit crime drama Sherlock, based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's eccentric detective.
The split is especially surprising as just a year ago, Martin suggested that they had finally walked down the aisle, quipping: 'We might have married already...
'I’m just saying – mind your own business. My job is public, why should my private life be public as well? We live in an age where you have to know everything and that’s tedious.

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