It’s the live-action Happy Feet we never knew we needed.

On Monday night, Harbour tweeted a video of him dancing with penguins — which he promised back when he originally tweeted Greenpeace back in January. The actor had asked the non-governmental environmental organization how many retweets he needed to “hone the Hopper dance” with the penguins. After the tweet went viral, Harbour got his wish: standing in the midst of a flock of emperor penguins, he asked, “You guys seen Stranger Things?” Then he launched into the now-famous Hopper dance.
Before the dancing clip, Harbour posted another video with the caption “stagefright….” “I thought this was gonna be like a silly thing, and I thought I was just gonna dance with penguins,” he said of the trip. “It’s turned into kind of another thing, about protecting the Antarctic waters, this huge conservation movement that’s going on.”
As such, Harbour is using his dancing video to direct people to an online petition,ProtectTheAntarctic.org, with which Greenpeace is trying to gain support to create the largest protected area in the world. And although Harbour admitted that he doesn’t “feel like dancing with penguins,” we’re glad he did!
Harbour is no stranger to social media campaigns. He has offered fans the chance to hang out with him, leading to a fun senior portrait photo shoot. Next up, he’ll officiate a fan’s wedding, where he’ll “read an esteemed love letter of [his] choosing” and get first dibs on the wedding cake. In the meantime, we’ll watch the penguin dance video above.

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