She was a big hit at the Coachella Festival over the weekend.


And it looked like Ellie Goulding decided to mark the occasion at performing at one of the world's biggest music festivals by getting a new tattoo.

The English singer returned to her favourite tattooist Dr Woo at the celebrity-favourite Shamrock Social Club parlour in West Hollywood on Monday for her latest body art.

Dr Woo posted a photo of his handiwork on his Instagram page, featuring an intricate diamond-esque shape on Ellie's ribcage.

The singer's hand is seen covering her left breast as she shows off her new body art for the camera following her session under the needle.

The tattooist explained his inspiration was a piece of art that Ellie had brought to the parlour - perhaps something she picked up at the festival in Indio, California over the weekend.

Sharing the image with his 900,000 Instagram followers, Dr Woo wrote: 'Fun one for the wonderful @elliegoulding based off art inspiration she brought in.'

Getting a tattoo after Coachella looks like it could becoming part of a ritual for Ellie after she previously got a Lotus design on the right side of her ribcage at the same parlour two years.

That time it was Dr Woo's colleague Mark Mahoney who created Ellie's Lotus body art.

However, Dr Woo did create Ellie's Tibetan mantra etching 'Om mani padme hum', which means 'jewel in the lotus' in red ink on her left wrist, while she is also believed to have got in 2014.

Just over a year ago, Ellie and on/off boyfriend Dougie Poyner got matching skull and cross bone tattoos on their middle fingers while in Birmingham.

Ellie also has a red outline of a triangle on the inside of her right wrist and a white arrow on her right index finger.

The Shamrock Social Club is one of the main destinations for the A-list seeking body art, with an array of big names going under the needle at their West Hollywood premises. 

Other stars to get tattoos by Dr Woo include Bella Thorne, Ariel Winter, Sarah Hyland, Cody Simpson, Miley Cyrus, Ryan Phillippe and Jaime King.

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