Аngelina Jolie and Sean Penn have reportedly been getting to know each other and may even be ready to try dating soon. Get EXCLUSIVE details here.

Woah! Angelina Jolie, , and Sean Penn, 57, are reportedly turning to one another for many conversations and it may be leading to something other than just a friendship. “Angelina has been speaking to Sean a lot recently, and he’s made it clear that he would love to take her out to dinner and get to know her better, on a personal level,” a source close to Angelina EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife.com. “They’ve known each other for years, and even spent time together while Sean was filming Tree of Life with Brad [Pitt], back in 2011, but they were both involved with other people at that time, so there was no flirting and it was strictly as friends, and in a group situation.” Since Sean and Brad are known to be good friends, we think this could be a tad bit awkward, especially if Angelina and Sean become a serious item in the future!
There is a possibility of a romance between the two talented stars, but they are taking things slow and no matter how long it takes, Sean is not ready to give up on the brunette beauty. “Sean thinks Angelina is amazing—he loves her dedication to humanitarian work, and really admires how smart and deep she is, not to mention, stunningly beautiful,” the source continued. “Angelina really has no interest in dating right now though, she’s focused on the kids and her work, and really isn’t interested in getting involved with anybody. Sean’s not one to give up however, once he sets his sights on something he’s pretty dogged in pursuing it until he achieves his aims—so, it’s unlikely he’s just going to fold. He’s happy to bide his time, flirting and ingratiating himself with Angelina, and he’s confident she’ll give in to his charms eventually.” Sean is definitely a charmer. After all, just think of the amazing women he’s romanced in the past: Madonna, Charlize Theron, and even Jewel!
Angelina seems to be enjoying the single life by focusing on her six children since her split from Brad but we can’t help but wonder when she’ll decide to date again. The award-winning actress has made several appearances at public award ceremonies and events in the past few months and she’s looked incredible each time. Whether she’s rockin’ the single life or workin’ it as a doting life, she sure knows how to capture attention with confidence and grace.

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