It was supposedly the “rebirth of Brangelina.” But when Life & Style claimed in May that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were “back together again,” the tabloid couldn’t have been more wrong.

Roughly eight months after Jolie filed for divorce from Pitt, the tabloid alleged the estranged spouses were not only “close again,” but “secretly dating each other.” A so-called “friend” was quoting as saying, “They’ve been seeing each other several times a week lately. Slowly the old feelings have started to return… It’s like they’re now dating again.”

Conveniently, though, the supposed pal contended to the gossip magazine that the pair planned on “keeping the reinvigorated relationship under the radar for now” so as not to “confuse” their six kids. Still, it was maintained Pitt was “getting ready to take the reunion public.” Of course, no rekindled romance ended up going public because there wasn’t one.

As Gossip Cop reported back then, the dynamic between Jolie and Pitt had, in fact, improved, at least compared to when Jolie abruptly ended the marriage. But though a Pitt source acknowledged to us that things were going “reasonably well,” there was no intention to reconcile. Now in December, that’s still the case. Jolie and Pitt continue to co-parent their kids as they work out the details of their divorce. Both are single and certainly not dating each other.

It’s also worth mentioning how Life & Style spent the rest of the year contradicting its false May cover story. Despite claiming the stars were “back together again,” in July the outlet alleged Pitt asked Jolie for full custody of their children. Of course, if they had really reunited, custody would’ve been a non-issue. Similarly, the publication recently claimed Jolie turned down a $100 million divorce settlement. But why would they need a divorce settlement if they had reconciled, as previously asserted?

And not only is it crazy that the tabloid put out a boldly untrue allegation about the “rebirth of Brangelina” only to then contradict it in subsequent issues, but those new claims about custody and a settlement weren’t true, either. Pitt never asked for sole custody and Jolie never turned down a $100 million divorce deal. The magazine tried concocting angles related to both ends of the spectrum (reuniting vs. divorcing) and struck out with it all. Gossip Cop has little doubt this will continue in 2018. But rest assured, we’ll continue to reveal what’s real and what’s rumor.


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