She's an Oscar-winning actress but put her ambitions on hold to care for her ailing father.

And Hilary Swank showed her gratitude for his recovery from a lung transplant in an Instagram photo she posted on Sunday.
The 41-year-old captioned the snapshot: 'Thank you all for your care and kindness!! #IAmBeyondGrateful #Thankful #Blessed.'
'By the grace of God, brilliant doctors, an organ donor, much love and many prayers from loved ones...he is alive today,' Swank wrote.
Hilary's dad, Stephen was a Chief Master Sergeant in the Oregon Air National Guard.
The Million Dollar Baby star revealed this past July that she had been on a career hiatus to nurse her ill father back to health.
'We're super close. I'm his sole caretaker right now,' Swank shared on HuffPost Live back in July. 'He's an easy guest.'
The brunette beauty explained that family comes first: 'It's a certain amount of time [to serve as a caretaker] but in a lifespan it's a blink of an eye.'
'There’s been job opportunities I've passed on and things that I said "I can't," but really what we're here for is our family.'
Hilary has much to be thankful for this holiday season as her father's health continually improves.
On Wednesday Swank and her new beau, Ruben Torres celebrated the festive occasion with her You're Not You co-star, Emmy Rossum and fiancé Sam Esmail.
'It's the most wonderful time of the year! So happy friends are home for the holidays so we get to catch up‼️ @emmyrossumm,' Hilary wrote in an Instagram photo of the two couples.
The Boys Don't Cry star and her new boyfriend were first pictured together back in July.
She was previously married to actor Chad Lowe for eight years before the couple split back in 2006.
Hilary is returning to work and will next voice The Queen in the 2016 CG family flick Spark alongside Jessica Biel, Susan Sarandon and Patrick Stewart.

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