Mandy Moore and fiancé Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes are getting ready for their wedding, and they chose to face a huge challenge before walking down the aisle: They climbed one of the tallest mountains on earth together.

Moore partnered with Eddie Bauer to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, which, at 19,341 feet, is the highest peak in Africa and a journey that typically takes a week to reach the summit. The This Is Us star shared that she's "dreamed the dream of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro since the age of 18," and hit the trails with Goldsmith and a group of her best friends to check off the the top item on her bucket list.
Between her stories and a number of photos, Moore recounted the climb on Instagram, from the lead-up to the most intense parts of the hike to the freezing temperatures they approached near the summit.

"Kilimanjaro demands a lot from those who traverse her trails," she wrote on Instagram. "You have no choice but to show up. And we did."

Check out her photos of the trek below.

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