“Sorry if I sound out of breath,” a panting Daniel Radcliffe told HuffPost on the phone recently. “I accidentally didn’t notice that I got out on the wrong floor of the building I’m staying in and fully just ran into somebody else’s apartment ... thinking that it was mine.”

“Luckily they weren’t in there. I suddenly just sort of walked in and said somebody’s done something ... and where are all my things? And then just fully sprinted out of the room in blind panic,” he added.

Radcliffe hasn’t had much time to catch his breath lately. In addition to rushing to our call, the actor seems to be constantly taking on new projects, like starring in the upcoming TBS series “Miracle Workers” along with Steve Buscemi, which he called a career highlight. He’s also producing “Circus Kid,” a documentary now streaming on AMC Network’s video service, Sundance Now, which tells the real-life, unique and heartbreaking story of a kid who grew up in a circus.

That circus kid was actually actor Lorenzo Pisoni. Radcliffe told us he and Pisoni struck up a friendship while the pair were in “Equus” together on Broadway.

“I can probably tell this story now because at the time my parents didn’t know that I smoked, but they do now,” he said. “At the time when I was in theater, I would sneak up to Lorenzo’s room and ask if I could jump out on his fire escape to smoke. Again, maybe I shouldn’t be saying this.”

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