COLIN Farrell has checked himself in to a luxury rehab facility in Wickenberg, Arizona after ‘fearing he could break his 12 years of sobriety’.

The 41-year-old actor, who has had a long-documented history with substance abuse, is reported by the Daily Mail to have headed to the £25,500 ($36,000) a month facility a week ago.
According to their sources, the star was becoming concerned after feeling “urges” to return to narcotics after filming three movies back-to-back and wanted to seek help before he got to a “bad place”.
However, sources say that Colin did not relapse, and headed to rehab as a preventative measure.
The source revealed: “He decided to pre-emptavely check himself in before it went to a bad place. He didn’t want to go down that rabbit hole again.
“He’s so hyper aware that he’s an addict that he felt that he could very easily start using again.
“Another week and he could have started using again.”
Colin was last in a facility in 2005 when he decided to confront his addictions after filming movie, Miami Vice.
"I had just had it, man. I was done," he told the Irish Independent last year.
"For a long time I put the brakes on. For a long time. I could go mad for three, six months, and then I could pull back for a few months to try to re-enter the atmosphere. I couldn't find the handbrake."
Speaking to the Irish Sun last year, Colin admitted that he was still struggling to come to terms with the people he hurt while he was in the depths of his addictions.


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