A digital double of the Hollywood icon will bring the star's image back to the silver screen more than 50 years after her death.

Marilyn Monroe died aged 36 in 1962 as the result of an apparent drug overdose.
But a lookalike model and actress named Suzie Kennedy has become an 'avatar' of the starlet at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire.
The 41-year-old's face and body was scanned in order to create a double of Marilyn at the studio, which is also the home of James Bond and Star Wars, The Sun reports.
Masterminded by London producer and writer Chris Ongaro, Suzie's Marilyn will star in a biopic about the troubled actress.
Ongaro worked with Kim Fuller - the writer of Spice Girls film Spice World - and his brother Simon, who manages the pop group.
More than 3,000 pictures of Suzie's face and body were taken to create the digital copy at Pinewood 3D.
She had 181 cameras take pictures of her while she stood on a platform and another 60 cameras picked up facial expressions as markers were drawn on Suzie's face.
Suzie had a cameo as Marilyn in Bladerunner 2049 and had to move around in a body suit to map her movements in a motion capture session in this latest role.
She hailed 'the bravery of using the technology to make a film like this' and said it will be 'brilliant' to have Marilyn back on screen.
Kim, 66, said giving Marilyn a '21st century digital makeover' offered room to re-interpret her in 'a modern context' which will prove she is still relevant.
’She was a massive glamour star and was exploited,' he said. 'If she was around today, there would be a lot of "Me Too".’
Though the project is only in the early stages, plans are already underway for films featuring other celebrities long dead.

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