Naomie Harris could "totally" see Cillian Murphy becoming the next James Bond.

The 41-year-old actress plays the part of Miss Moneypenny in the iconic spy thriller franchise, and she has said she would love to see a reunion with her '28 Days Later' co-star Cillian as Bond and director Danny Boyle, who is rumoured to be taking on the role, in future 007 movies.

Speaking to JOE.ie, she said: "I've never heard that idea. That would be amazing and Danny [Boyle] and Cillian what? I can totally see that, totally buying that.

"I've never seen him do stunts to be honest. Being thrown around by chairs, it's a lot to look forward to for Cillian."

It comes after Naomie admitted she doesn't know whether she'll star in the next movie in the franchise.

She confessed: "It'll be very disappointing if I'm not involved. I really hope they ask me back. I haven't heard anything."

Naomie is delighted that Daniel Craig agreed to reprise the role of Bond, and she's similarly excited about the prospect of Danny directing the project.

But the London-born star admitted she hasn't held any serious discussions about the highly-anticipated new film.

She explained" "I know it's going later in the year and released next year.

"I know quite excitingly that Daniel [Craig] is definitely back and I've heard that Danny Boyle is attached as director. Who knows."

Naomie previously claimed that Daniel's decision to return to the franchise would have been influenced by the success of the two most recent Bond movies, 'Spectre' and 'Skyfall'.

She shared: "I think the fact that the last two Bonds - 'Spectre' and 'Skyfall' - have been the highest-grossing Bond movies of all time shows that people love him as Bond, and they desperately want him to return.

"And I don't think Daniel is immune to that ... I think he's very aware, so I think that adds an extra level of pressure."

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