Ashton Kutcher was the first to move on after he split with wife Demi Moore, but the 50-year-old actress has moved on too…

and with someone even younger than Ashton! Demi’s new boyfriend Vito Schnabel is 26 years old! In fact, he’s 8 years younger than Ashton, to be exact! That makes him just 2 years older than Demi’s daughter Rumer Willis. If you thought Ashton leaving Demi for a younger woman would turn Demi off cougar mode, you were mistaken. Demi has apparently got her groove back, despite recently celebrating her 50th birthday. Way to go, Demi!

Vito Schnabel isn’t just a totally hot 26 year old; he’s also the son of painter and film director Julian Schnabel (who’s made such acclaimed films as The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and Basquiat), and is an art dealer himself. Demi and Vito allegedly met at the exclusive party that Naomi Campbell threw for her boyfriend in India, which we told you all about a while back in our post: How The World’s Biggest Supermodels Like To Party.

Vito apparently has a thing for older women. He allegedly dated supermodel Elle Mcpherson a few years ago, and she’s 23 years older than him!

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