Brad Pitt has recently expressed interest in spending more time with a famous MIT professor.

Brad and Neri Oxman met through an MIT architecture project.
The two have been spending more time together, but sources close to the actor say it’s only a friendship. An insider told Page Six:
“Brad and Neri instantly hit it off, because they share the same passion for architecture, design, and art. This is best described as a professional friendship. Their friendship has not turned into romance as both are cautious. This is, again, more of a professional friendship. But Brad is very interested in spending more time with Neri. She is fascinating.”
Neri has accumulated quite the accolades herself. She is an acclaimed architect and and award-winning artist. Another source said:
“You are correct that they are just friends and she is very impressive.”
As expected, however, many people are still thinking that the two may have something more going on between them. After all… they are both single.
Brad is still finalizing his divorce from Angelina Jolie, and Neri was previously married to composer Osvaldo Golijov.

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