Tom Cruise might just be insane–in a good way–because his desire to constantly do his own crazy stunts in the Mission: Impossible franchise reached all new heights with Fallout. And then he reached it again. And again. And again. Because for one crazy scene, he jumped out of a plane 106 times.

The megastar joined Paramount’s panel at this year’s CinemaCon in Vegas where he talked about what sounds like the upcoming sixth Mission: Impossible movie’s signature stunt, one that could take its place in Hollywood lore alongside him hanging out of a plane in Rogue Nation. According to Deadline, Cruise said he wanted to be the one to skydive out of a plane traveling 220 mph over 80,000 feet in the air above the United Arab Emirates, the only place they could film it. And to get the three shots they wanted for the sequence (spoilers below) required 106 jumps, which included a cameraman filming Cruise with a camera on his head and “only a sense of instinct.” Some of it was ultimately shot in a wind tunnel, too, which makes us wonder how many jumps this would have required if they didn’t use one.

As for the actual sequence, SPOILER WARNING….
…it reportedly features Cruise grabbing hold of Henry Cavill’s character–in midair–followed by them both being hit by lighting before Cruise wakes up and resuscitates him. Okay that’s totally bonkers, especially since this isn’t even the stunt where he broke his leg on set.

Tom Cruise is clearly a crazy man. But fortunately he seems like the good kind.

Is this the most insane thing he’s done for the franchise? Is Mission: Impossible actually trying to kill him? Dive into our comments section below and let us know.

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