Jessica Chastain cannot stand how amazing Chris Hemsworth is.


The actress sat down with Ellen DeGeneres on Wednesday where she opened up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show about her Huntsman: Winter's War co-star, explaining that it's "kind of annoying" how sweet and wonderful he is.

"Not only is he just perfect to look at [but] he's really funny and he’s got the most beautiful, perfect family and he’s a great Dad," Chastain, 39, said. "It’s just like, ugh!"

It's hard to argue that Hemsworth isn't one of the most amazing stars and most adorable fathers in Hollywood. Last week, after The Huntsman's Los Angeles premiere, Hemsworth opted out of going to an after party so he could come home and cook a late-night snack for his daughter India and his wife, actress Elsa Pataky.

As it turns out, he's amazing in other ways too. DeGeneres put Chastain on the spot, asking her about the Thor star's kissing skills.

"He's a very good kisser," Chastain admitted. "He’s perfect, annoyingly. Elsa's a lucky woman."

The Golden Globe winner also talked about her decision to join the cast of the big-budget fantasy epic The Huntsman, which is a noticeable departure from her roles in a spate of serious dramas.

"I had [played] this string of characters going through really depressing events," she explained. "I'm a workaholic, I spend like 80 percent of my life working, so I realized that 80 percent of my life was really depressing. So I wanted to do something fun."

She also admitted that it was Hemsworth himself who got her to come on board The Huntsman after approaching Chastain at the Critics' Choice Awards and offering to send her the script.

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