Johnny Depp continues to fight with all of humanity – the actor lashed out at one of the employees of the technical team of the film “Labyrinth”, which is now removed.

During the filming of a new picture of brad Furman on Sakura rappers Tupac and the Notorius big in Los Angeles the street was blocked. When the location Manager approached the Director and told him that the shooting is finished, Furman sent a worker to transfer this information to Depp. But the actor had not like the message Manager, and he began to argue with him, to jump into the fray, and later to offer $ 100,000 to hit him. Eyewitnesses reported that johnny was drunk, but brad Furman decided to stand up for his actor. “We all are sometimes in stressful situations, he says. We all love scandal, but this is not one of them. Johnny is professional and supportive. He is respectful to the other actors and crew members”.

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