After a forced break from the publicity Kanye West returned to the spotlight and recently managed to please the media a number of new tricks.

Suddenly in defense of Kanye made colleague in the music industry, Christina Aguilera, who believes that many of the actions and words of the West just out of context – and this, admittedly, is almost a favorite pastime of most of the media.
We will remind, not so long ago, Kanye West caused a lot of noise, at first publicly supported the President, Donald trump, and then stating that almost 400-year history of slavery was a “choice” made by black.
Although many stars Kanye West condemned, Christina Aguilera said that Kanye is a “good person” who just “fancy working the mind.”
“Kanye, you know he sometimes throws things. His quirky mind works, so to speak. I’ve always been a fan of his work… whatever he creates from the heart. In his songs you can feel it. It sincerely. It felt like his life really, even if someone sees it as something wrong,” says Christine. “Sometimes he reminds me of myself – I remind myself that he’s just a very unique way of thinking, sometimes he gets lost in his own thoughts, but you still feel that somewhere inside he is a good man. Sometimes all of us misunderstand”.

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