Rebel Wilson has spoken out about claims made regarding her Vogue Australia cover, which fans have accused as being doctored in a bid to make her appear slimmer.

Fronting the title’s June issue, the Pitch Perfect star insisted that the images hadn’t been “slimmed down” via photoshop, crediting her figure to a healthy diet and exercise regime.
However, criticisms were also made with regards to the magazine’s styling choices, with some people arguing that Wilson’s plus-size figure had been intentionally covered-up in baggy clothing for the cover.
Clad in a full-length brown overcoat and a black gown, fans expressed disappointment at the magazine’s sartorial decisions, with some suggesting that the loose-fitting aesthetic was not at all flattering.
“Shame about that massive jacket,” wrote one person, “I bet that stunning dress would of shown off your gorgeousness without the need for cover-up.”
“Rebel, is that you? I can’t see you under all those layers!” added another.
Further critics argued that the title’s styling team had “drowned” the actress in fabric.
Others contested the authenticity of the images, claiming that her figure had been digitally-altered:
“She doesn’t even have recognizable wrists,” one person commented on Twitter, “they widened her smile and she was always naturally beautiful.”

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