Robert Downey Jr. has joined the slowly-growing cast of Spider-Man’s first solo movie in the MCU.

No details were provided about how big his role will be or what exactly he’ll be doing, though the article notes that Downey and Spider-Man actor Tom Holland had "great chemistry" in Captain America: Civil War. Along with Downey and Holland, Spider-Man: Homecoming’s cast also includes Marisa Tomei, Zendaya, Laura Harrier and Tony Revolor.
Now the big question is how big Robert Downey Jr’s role will be in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Given how Marvel likes to throw their major actors in for cameos, whether it’s Nick Fury in Iron Man or Captain America and Falcon at the end of Ant-Man, it’s possible that Tony is simply popping up near the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming for just a couple minutes. However, it seems much more likely that this is a bigger role, though not to the point he's among the more prominent players. With Peter busy with high school and Tony up to his own devices, maybe he’ll just appear in a couple scenes where he gives Peter some counsel on his troubles. There’s also no guarantee we’ll even see Tony in his Iron Man suit during the movie. After all, moviegoers are going to see this movie to watch Spider-Man kick ass, and having Iron Man fly in and shoot some energy blasts might detract from that. Still, if we’re lucky, maybe Tony will provide Peter with some cutting-edge tech to deal with whatever super villain the Wall-Crawler is battling, like Q in the James Bond movies.

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