36-year-old Canadian Rick Scalmiero proved very clearly that he is a dedicated admirer of Marvel comics.

A desperate guy filled his body with 31 tattoos featuring superheroes. The tattoo of the Vision of the guy is tattooed on the right buttock, and the image of Spider-Man (version from the comics of Spider-Man 2099) is on the left buttock.
Thanks to his decisive act, the comic book fan got into the Guinness Book of Records for "the largest number of characters from the Marvel comics tattooed on the human body".
It is interesting that Scalamiero made such a number of tattoos in seven years. His first body was decorated with Spider-Man in 2011, followed by Iron Man and Captain America, Loki and Deadpool, Venom and mutants from the X-Men's Team.
Moreover, on the hand of Rick there is a tattoo in the form of an autograph of the legend of comics Marvel of Stan Lee. Once he signed on the body of Scalamiero and the one on top of the painting filled the tattoo.

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