Johnny Depp is going through a crisis for almost a couple of years, after his scandalous break with Amber Heard , which earned him pay several million dollars in compensation for the actress of 'Justice League'.

Although he has continued working, the actor had to declare bankruptcy a few months ago, and sued his former administrators for having lost their funds, entering into litigation with The Administration Team , which handled their assets and savings from 1999 to 2016, a company that presented evidence that the only one responsible for this ruin is no other skill than him for his extravagant wastage.
In this way, Depp has had to work harder and diversify; so he has embarked on an international tour with his rock band The Hollywood Vampires . However an alarming note has emerged after this week came to light some images in which the Oscar-nominated actor looks considerably emaciated .
After performing in Russia on Wednesday night, Depp met some of his fans in the lobby of the 5-star resort Four Seasons in St. Petersburg , where they took photos with the fifty-four-year-old actor who looked almost unrecognizable.
Although their followers shared their photos with great joy on their social networks, other fans did not hesitate a second to speculate that the protagonist of 'Darkish Shadows' is probably sick, as he looked very haggard, underweight and with his head covered by a cap , so in the comments, it has been speculated if he will be bald at the moment, and if it will not be cancer, although this speculation has not been confirmed.
The photos that became known were taken during the European tour of the band Hollywood Vampires, a group formed in 2015 by the legendary rocker Alice Cooper , guitarist Joe Perry and Depp, to pay tribute to the music of rock stars who died in the 1970s, which will continue until mid-July 2018.

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