The dress and beaded cape was made from 50 yards of pure silk chiffon while the fabric was decorated with handmade floral appliqués and embroidered tulle.
It took 10 seamstresses - who hand embroidered the gown - to finish the piece.

Reem said in a statement: "It was a joy to create this custom gown for Kaley. She looked wonderful and I wish her and Karl a lifetime of happiness."
Despite the time and effort that went into making the 32-year-old actress' gown, she wasn't cautious about it getting dirty as she was forced to put it on in her horses' food cupboard because she wanted to walk past her equines before she got to the aisle.
Wedding planner Lauren Tatum said recently: "She snuck over to the barn at 7:45 p.m. and was shoved into the feed room, where all the food for the horses are, to put on her dress and get ready to walk down the aisle - because she walked down the aisle in the barn past all of her horses. She was standing in a room full of horse feed!"
nd the pair even injected their love of horses into their big day.
Lauren explained: "The whole [wedding] was unique and unusual, including their horseshoe altar. That was Karl's ranch. The horseshoe altar was 10 feet tall by 8 feet wide. They love their animals.
"The two things that were most important to Kaley were that everyone could feel the love between her and Karl, and their love for their animals.
"That is what they cared about - the animals and each other - and that is what they wanted relayed to the guests; that those are what is most important in both of their lives forever and always."

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