American actress of Ukrainian origin, spoke about the divorce with Ashton Kutcher.

Mila kunis has repeatedly been the subject of criticism fans of demi Moore because she allegedly stole her husband. Not so long ago began to spread rumors that the actress is pregnant for the third time. Basically, kunis remained silent about such intimate issues, but this time she could not resist.
“I read nothing about yourself. I really don’t know what write about me. However, I recently found out that is pregnant for the third time. Apparently, I got pregnant and divorce steadily every year. It is interesting that I know about this magazine when I go for groceries to the store. Dad, however, is upset to learn that the news of my next pregnancy is a fiction, “said kunis, adding that her parents had called her many times after that, when seen in the press the next headline about her interesting position.
Thus the girl, apparently, denied the fact that she is pregnant for the third time. Along with Ashton Kutcher, she has already two children. Mila kunis has always avoided questions about ex-wife wife and his relationship with the children who were born in the relationship with Bruce Willis.

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