The scandals associated with divorce one of the most prominent couples in Hollywood, it seems, will never end. The information appeared, according to which Angelina Jolie can publish the dirt on brad pitt, catch him in aggressive behaviour and many drinking bouts.

It is reported that the actress throughout her marriage to pitt was leading a secret diary in which he described everything that happens behind closed doors of their home. They contain detailed descriptions of his inappropriate behavior, including physical. Angelina supposedly is going to publish all these records, to gain advantage in the trial, which was delayed because of the question of custody of 6 kids. Recall that recently the court has extended the rights of pitt, and now he can do more and more to visit the children, while Jolie this situation is not happy. The tabloids claim that she would become the sole guardian and “to transform the lives of brad in hell” for what is ready to go at all.

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