Eva Longoria returned to the Desperate Housewives set today for the first time since her accident on Wednesday night.

Wearing a fitted red coat and skinny blue jeans, the actress looked her usual gorgeous self as she got ready to shoot a scene.
And the broody 35-year-old kept herself busy by cooing over a cute little girl on set.
Eva has made no secret of how much she wants to have children, saying she is ready to start a family with her husband of three years, Tony Parker.
And as far as she is concerned, the bigger the family the better.
She says: 'Family is very important to me, it means everything — it is the root of who I am and what grounds me.
'Tony is family to me, he is my most important family member. We are very close and we both want a large family – we both make our family a large priority in our lives.'
And the actress is confident that no matter how big her family gets, she will thrive on being busy instead of getting stressed.
She says: 'The hustle and bustle of the holidays is my break. I actually enjoy running around doing all of the shopping, preparing the food and all of that stuff.

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