Rupert Grint became a star thanks to the role of Ron Weasley in the movies about the famous magician. Recently, the actor is experimenting with new characters in the movie. Now slightly plump artist can be hard to find the sorcerer.

To become a worldwide star at the age of 13 and to pass star disease — the test is not easy, but Rupert Grint with him did a great job. Playing in seven parts of the “Harry Potter” actor became a hostage of his most famous roles, but decided to deal with it, preferring weirder and weirder roles.
Rare hair done up with gel, in places receding hairline — the red boy from the tale of wizards is now hard to recognize. Recently fans and not recognized Rupert, seeing him on the set of the new series based on the Agatha Christie novel “Murder on the alphabet.”
Grinta got the role of the inspector Chrome, and on the set he appeared in a very unusual way — in an elegant three-piece suit and funny sunglasses in the shape of hearts.

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