Michael Rooker has chosen to leave Twitter in the wake of James Gunn’s Marvel firing over the some of his old, offensive tweets.

The internet has been ablaze with conflicting opinions after a right-wing conspiracy theorist dug up years-old tweets from James Gunn and got him fired from Guardians of the Galaxy 3. While some have come forward and said that, while the firing is unfortunate and the tweets were uncovered by an extremely problematic man, the offensive tweets can’t be ignored. Meanwhile, others have said that because Gunn has been forthcoming about these old tweets for years, and has not only previously apologized but also spoken frankly about his past and lived the ways he has grown and changed that the firing is unjust.

For his part, Gunn has owned up to the tweets, apologized again, and has said that he understands and stands by Disney and Marvel’s decision to remove him from Guardians of the Galaxy 3. However, many friends and colleagues of Gunn’s are rushing to the director’s defense.

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