And Orlando Bloom reportedly got very heated with an audience member after he stopped the Trafalgar Studios matinee performance twice on Thursday in London to tell them to the put their iPad away.

The British actor, 41, supposedly made two unscripted interruptions during the performance to tell off the audience member, according to eyewitness accounts on social media.
One theatre-goer claimed on Twitter that Orlando raised his voice, and shouted: 'I need YOU to put iPad AWAY NOW!
He later said: 'PUT that f******* IPad away now and I will wait' he then said a few moments later.
Fans were quick to jump to Orlando's defense after the altercation, with many praising him for staying in character while speaking to the audience member.
One fan wrote: 'Saw the matinee performance of Killer Joe with Orlando Bloom this afternoon.
'Brilliant performances all round and well done to Mr Bloom for publicly rebuking the woman in the audience trying to film him on her iPad and then smoothly continuing the show.'
Another audience member commented: 'So at today's matinee of Killer Joe Orlando Bloom shut down a lady filming on her iPad TWICE and he maintained character the entire time and that alone was worth a standing ovation.'
One fan suggested this wasn't the first time Orlando had blasted an audience member for using their phones, and tweeted: 'When my first time watching for Killer Joe, someone took photo during the 'family dinner' scene.
'Orlando noticed and called 'I'm gonna be really upset if you don't put the camera down' with exactly Joe Cooper's dark done and sharp eyes'.
MailOnline have contacted representatives for Orlando and Trafalgar Productions for comment.
In Killer Joe, Orlando, who plays a detective in the show, also strips off to reveal his very peachy posterior in amusing scenes.

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