Amber Rose has apologized for accusing Gwyneth Paltrow of having an affair with Beyonce's husband Jay Z, saying her comments were simply a 'bad joke'.

Talking to DailyMail.com while promoting her upcoming SlutWalk, the former model turned feminist activist explained that she hadn't expected people to take her seriously.
'I feel bad because that's someone's personal life and it was just me joking about something that I don't know anything about at all,' she explained, following her comments on an episode of Spencer and Heidi Pratt's podcast, Make Speidi Famous Again.
And Amber insisted that she had no 'inside information' - and didn't even know singer Beyonce or actress Gwyneth, whose spokesperson called the accusation 'absurd'.
'I never want to hurt anyone's feelings,' Amber said. 'Even though I don't know them personally, it's just not the kind of personality that I have. And for Gwyneth to be like "Why did she say that, that's not true?" it's like "Why did I say that?" I don't know anything. I was just speaking as a consumer.'
Amber's heartfelt comments came as she prepares for her annual SlutWalk.
This year Amber is planning to fly out fans from around the world to join the march, via a competition on her newly launched app.

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