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In this day and age, with every waking moment documented on social media – is it any wonder we’re nosy as all hell and want to know the minutiae of everyone else’s lives? ESPECIALLY their beauty routines?
I’m absolutely a sucker for people’s swear-bys and must-haves – so I asked the entire Pedestrian office for a deep dive into their personal haircare routine. Hey, maybe it’ll solve my endless struggle with my natural curls, which I currently straighten to within an inch of their life because I juuuust can’t seem to master the process of drying them into ringlets?
Wild, unruly curls, thick, lots of it. Easily kinked, and defies gravity like a lion’s mane.
What’s your hair washing routine?
I wash my hair once a week with the old double-shampoo trick – washing it once, then rinsing, then washing again. I’ll usually use something that gives it a good clean but is still hydrating – because of my curls, the ends tend to dry out otherwise. Then I’ll use a rich, hydrating conditioner because my curls need the moisture.
How do you style your hair?
I straighten my hair most of the time. To protect it, I pop in a straightening serum when my hair is damp, let it naturally dry, and then straighten it with a GHD straightener and heat protectant spray. Can never have too much protection. After that I add in a little more hydration to the ends with a hair oil, and smooth a touch over my whole head to flatten down any flyaways. When I wear it curly, which isn’t often, I’ll just let it do it’s own thing with the straightening serum in there – I find it’s so curly the serum alone just defines the curls a little.
What frustrates you about your hair?
I hate that I can’t just get up and go. It needs a comb or a quick run over with the straightener – only for me to get outside and have it go bad anyway. My hair reacts a lot to humidity too, so as soon as there’s any moisture in the air, I’m like a fluff ball.
And what do you love about it?
I do love that there’s lots of it so I have a lot to play with when styling.
What’s something people who don’t have your hair type might not know?
The curl itself is formed because our hair follicles right up through the dermis to the epidermis (outer skin layer) is shaped like a crescent moon. That shape also means that although we create as much sebum as the next person, the follicle doesn’t allow as much to come out onto the hair strand, so curly hair tends to be drier/less oily than straight hair!

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