All is well with my heart, because the Lindsay Lohan-Paris Hilton saga continues in the year 2018.

After calling Lindsay Lohan a "pathological liar" on Instagram this month, Paris Hilton added salt to the wound by following up with a comment to red carpet reporters where she clarified that she was just stating a "fact of life."
Now, after news of Lindsay Lohan's new MTV reality show, Lohan Beach House—which follows her adventures owning a resort in Mykonos—were released, Paris Hilton wants the world to know she'll be "too busy" to watch.
A TMZ reporter at LAX asked Paris Hilton and her fiancé Chris Zylka if they'd be tuning in to watch, a notion that made Hilton and Zykla burst into laughter.
“We’re too busy,” responded Hilton. “We’re working,” Zylka followed up, emphatically

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