IT’S been the biggest will they/won’t they debate in pop for the last two years as The Spice Girls fight over plans for a reunion.

But I can reveal the pop icons’ fans aren’t the only ones infuriated by the endless wrangling.
Victoria Beckham has finally tired of Mel B’s endless public promises that the band would be reforming.
In fact, furious Victoria has now confronted Scary Spice and made it totally clear that she’s sick and tired of her repeatedly trying to force a comeback, leaving Posh looking like the villain.
A source tells me: “Victoria was always up for a catch-up and the prospect of a celebration of the band’s work.
“But going out on the road for concerts was never something she agreed to.
"Now she’s hit back at Mel and the pair on the verge of a major bust-up over the issue.
“Every time Mel makes promises to the fans it leaves Victoria looking like a killjoy who is stopping it from happening and that just isn’t fair.
“Live shows were very much something Mel and Geri wanted to push for, but Mel keeps saying it in public.”
Mel even promised the band would perform at the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and just last week she said a “difficult” member was holding up a tour.

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