He has spent over sixty years in the movie business, but retirement could be on the horizon for Michael Caine.

The acting legend, who turned 85 on Wednesday, has hinted in a new interview that he plans to cut back on work as he can no longer cope with the long hours.
Sir Michael has starred in more than 167 movies and despite admitting he doesn't want to leave the big screen, he feels it will happen soon.
'They haven't retired me just yet. I feel it's coming. I'm 85 this week and getting up at 6.30am and learning six pages of dialogue... well, it's not my idea of paradise.'
Michael currently has three projects in production, including The King Of Thieves, based on the Hatton Garden heist, in which he is thought to be playing real life ringleader Brian Reader, 76, who was sentenced to six years for his active role in the £200M robbery.
Ray Winstone, 60, Jim Broadbent, 68, and Tom Courteney, 80, also who take respective roles as jailed gang members William Lincoln, John Collins and Terrence Perkins.
The hard-working actor has admitted he has never turned down any roles that he has been offered but recalled that working on the 1978 film The Swarm is one of his biggest regrets.
He said: 'I never turned anything down. There were quite a few movies I regretted. I always tell me children, "Use the difficulty". They've even bought me a cushion with "use the difficulty" on it.'



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