Orlando bloom and Miranda Kerr divorced five years ago, but this separation did not affect the relationship of the actor with his son.

In the life of Flynn, which this year was 7 years old, bloom actively participates and tries to hold son much of his free time, not get caught, however, in the eyes of the paparazzi.

But this time reporters were lucky: Orlando bloom along with the heir fell into the lenses of photographers during family time at the amusement Park in Malibu. The last time the boy saw on a walk with dad in the fall of 2017. During this time, Flynn has grown up and, it seems, was more like his famous father.

Together father and son took a ride on the carousel, tried out the slides and had a good time. In this they were made friends Orlando. They, by the way, was with a small child. Actor, said earlier that they can’t wait to be a dad gladly helped to cope with the baby.

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